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A romantic, classically white wedding in a lush garden setting? A glittering cocktail party on the edge of the sea? A pumping music festival in the heart of the bush? Maverick Stretch Tents will cover you perfectly. Whatever your affair.

Private functions, weddings & parties

Maverick Stretch Tents are versatile and adaptable, which means that we can erect them over almost any flat(ish) surface - to extend the roof of your patio, for example, or to cover a deck or terrace - and in almost any environment.

They’re also 100% rainproof and flame-retardant - and they’re available to rent in different sizes and in a number of different colours... which means they’re perfect for parties of 20 to 20,000 people. (Use our handy Tent Size Calculator to - well - calculate how much cover you need.)

Corporate events

When it comes to corporate events, we understand that for you, it's all about achieving the best possible ROI.

That’s why our cost-effective solutions are the first choice of some of the most prestigious companies and events venues around the country.

And, because we offer additional services like lighting and flooring, covering your event with Maverick Stretch Tents means you can take those events to your customers - wherever they may be.

Sports, festivals, community events

Maverick Stretch Tents have covered everything from spectator stands to corporate hospitality suites at some of South Africa’s most exciting sporting events. We've covered stages and audience areas at music festivals, made shade and rain cover at community gatherings, political rallies, and funerals...

Actually, when we come to think of it - we can’t imagine any outdoor gatherings where Maverick Stretch Tents wouldn’t make sense.

Why choose a Maverick Stretch Tent?

  • They’re available for hire in a wide range of colours (white, beige, red, black, yellow, platinum...);
  • They’re available in sizes suitable for functions of 20 to 20,000 guests;
  • They’re rainproof and flame-retardant;
  • We provide fair- and foul-weather tent options at no additional cost;
  • For your total peace of mind, we can arrange that our staff remain in attendance for the total duration of your event;
  • No hidden costs. Ever.

Why choose our company?

  • We promise you the best possible service;
  • We promise always to go the extra mile for you;
  • We'll help you choose the right Stretch Tent for your site, the size of your guest list, and your budget;
  • We carry appropriate public liability insurance, and all our structures are certified and signed-off by a registered structural engineer;
  • As a level 4 BEE contributor, we're committed to equality and transformation

Track record?

The many event managers and suppliers we’ve dealt with over the years have come back to us time and time again - which is the best illustration we can offer of our commitment to quality and service at affordable prices. Check out our client testimonials - they speak for themselves