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Factors to consider when buying your Maverick Stretch Tent include size, colour, fabric, rigging equipment (poles, pole caps, rope, ratchets, shackles, etc.) - and actual erection too, of course.

So whether you’re looking for a semi-permanent installation for your home or business, or a tent that you can raise wherever you wish - you’ve come to the right place. Because, with our many years of manufacturing and rental experience (we began doing it in 2003!), we’ve really come to know our product - and how best to advise you.

Tents of the highest standard

We use only the best fabrics, and manufacture to the highest standards - which is why all our tents come with a full, 6-month factory warranty.

Maverick Stretch Tents are guaranteed

  • 100% waterproof;
  • Flame retardant;
  • Durable

Please scroll down for more about our fabrics, equipment, and rigging.


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Franchise opportunities

If you’d like to start your own Stretch Tent rental business, please click here for information about our franchise opportunities.


MST Techroflex™  


Engineered to be tough and durable - and to withstand the elements - MST Techroflex™ is our flagship fabric. It's made of a polyester base with a vinyl polymer coating, and it’s ideal for both rentals and semi-permanent applications.  

tick3 100% waterproof

  • Single-layer, fine knit composite fabric covered with a penetrating vinyl polymer coating 
  • Strongest machine-welded edges and seams

tick3  Fire rated to the highest international safety standards, and impregnated with fire retardant chemicals

  • Europe: German B1/French M2/British BS)
  • Australia: AS 1530.2 / New Zealand AS/NZS 1530.3)
  • United States: California Title 19 / NFP92-503)
  • Canada: CAN-ULC-S109)

tick3  Perfect 4-way stretch & memory

tick3  UV stable (7-year automotive industry standard)

tick3  Anti-microbial (viral, bacterial and fungal) application 

tick3  Breaking load of 1,000KN per 5cm strip

tick3  Easy cleaning: machine washable up to 65°C

tick3  Easily branded (full dye sublimation; company logos or temporary branding)

tick3  Can be supplied with pattern prints (camouflage, damask, etc.)

tick3  Available in a wide range of single colours (white, black, beige, platinum, red, yellow, etc.) or two-tone colours (e.g. white on top, black underneath)


MST 3/Ply Laminate 


The original waterproof fabric for a natural look and feel, MST 3/Ply Laminate comprises a waterproof membrane sandwiched between two layers of polyester. It’s reliable and affordable, and remains one of the most prominent stretch tent fabrics in use today.

tick3  100% waterproof

  • Double layer, heavy knit composite fabric
  • Perfect seal fold, stitched seams and edges

tick3  Perfect 4-way stretch and excellent recovery 

tick3  UV-stabilised by chemical treatment 

tick3  Anti-microbial (viral, bacterial, fungal) application 

tick3  SABS approved quality assurance processes 

tick3  Breaking load of 1,560KN per 5cm strip 

tick3  Lightweight - 580 g/m² 

tick3  Not fire rated 

tick3  Knitted fabric with sophisticated look and feel both above and below 

tick3  Can be printed with your company logo 

tick3  Available in a wide range of single colours (white, black, beige, platinum, red, yellow, etc.) or two-tone colours (e.g. white on top, black underneath).


Our priority at Maverick Stretch Tents is always to provide the best quality at the best prices - which is why we’ve sourced and secured a number of preferred suppliers for all the equipment needed to rig and install our stretch tents.

  • POLES: We supply poles in various widths and lengths. They’re pre-drilled with eyebolts, and are available in engineering grade 6061 aluminium or 316 stainless steel (your choice of poles will usually depend on your budget).
  • POLE CAPS: Our non-marking pole caps are custom-made to fit our poles.
  • ACCESSORIES: We supply top quality tent pegs, ropes, snap hooks - and even hammers, clippers and cable ties. But we’ll happily provide all the specifications you’ll need if it’s more cost-effective for you to source any of these items from your own suppliers. (Please bear in mind, though, that some of our equipment is custom-made, so it can only be purchased from us.)

Installation, rigging, training

We really do have the best riggers in the business on our team. Don’t take our word for it, though - have look at our client testimonials and you’ll agree.

  • INSTALLATION: We offer a complete installation service;
  • TRAINING: If you prefer to erect your Maverick Stretch Tents yourself, we offer complete training in rigging and striking (taking down) - and we’ll also provide a rigging guide for quick and easy reference. We’re happy to come to you, or you could visit us in Johannesburg or in beautiful Plettenberg Bay for your hands-on training experience.
  • RIGGING: If you prefer not to erect your tents yourself, our franchises around South Africa can provide complete rigging services.

More information

For more  about training, support, or installations please complete the Contact Form on this page, or email