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Event Trends 2015

As the temps rise, so do the number of outdoor events planned. Whether swapping wristbands for badge printing for your outdoor festival goers, or adding some unique decor to your event planning repertoire, here are some hot ideas to take your summer events to another level.

1. Outdoor lighting


Image via Apartment Therapy

For the backyard braai or a big bash, accent your event with string lights. Although paper lanterns of all shapes and sizes are still in, vintage globe lights have been making a comeback, giving a more rustic/industrial-chic feel to your outdoor space.                    

2. It's a pair



Image via Stemlit

Among some of the top catering trends for summer are beverage and food pairings. Think along the lines of beer and mini-finger foods, coursed wines, and fresh fruits with 

3. Metallics


Image via It's More Than Just Paint

Detailing your event design with shiny metallic embellishments are in, and you can pretty much turn anything into a mirrored object with a mirror finish spray paint.

4. Interactive tech


Harping on the desire for more audience participation continues onward, stronger than ever before. As much as the right event management software or guest list app for your registration area sets the tone and draws attendees in, continue this engagement by providing social media enhanced event tech. (And optimal WiFi connection/charging areas!)

5. LED Balloons


 Image via illoom Balloon 

What's better than event decor that doubles as a lighting feature. Flameless, fun, and lasting hours at a time, LED balloons are a huge hit for outdoor events.